Velvet Bleach 25g
Velvet Bleach 25g Velvet Bleach 25g

Velvet Bleach 25g

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Velvet Bleach is a hair bleaching and lightening product with a special protective formula. It is suitable for all hair types and prevents the yellow tinge in bleached hair. The product is excellent for removing dye from hair and highlighting, and it protects hair from negative effects that may occur during bleaching and cause permanent damage to hair. Velvet Bleach contains proteins and carbohydrates that help repair damaged hair and maintain its shine by smoothing out the cuticle and mending split ends.

Application tips:

For intense bleaching use 9% peroxide developer. For highlighting, use 12% peroxide developer. Pour Velvet Bleach into a plastic or glass bowl and mix with peroxide developer at a 1:2 mixing ratio. For best results combine the product with AURA Velvet Cream peroxide. Depending on the hair type, desired effect and concentration of the peroxide developer, leave the product on for 15 to 45 minutes. Every few minutes check how the bleach behaves on the hair. After the time is up, rinse out all the remaining product by gentle rubbing motions and then shampoo twice.
Characteristics Value
Category Bleach and Hydrogen
Brand AURA
Purpose HAIR
ingradientes POWDER BLEACH - BLANŠ

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