PRIME ME! eyeshadow base
PRIME ME! eyeshadow base PRIME ME! eyeshadow base

PRIME ME! eyeshadow base

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This eyeshadow base enables longer lasting and more intense shading of the eyelids, as well as easier application. Thanks to a combination of pigments, this base will smoothen the skin surface and conceal any imperfections and discolouration on the upper eyelids. Besides fixing the eyeshadow and preventing creasing, the Prime Me base will protect the sensitive skin of the eyelids from free radicals thanks to a formulation that is enriched with antioxidants obtained from maritime pine bark extracts and vitamin E. The eyeshadow base can also be used independently for an effect of even toned skin of the eyelids.

Application tips:

Shake the product vigorously before use. Apply evenly to the surface of the upper eyelid all the way up to the eyebrows and wait for a few seconds to dry.
Characteristics Value
Category Eyeshadow primer
Brand AURA
Purpose EYES
Pantone P 30-1 C
Color beige
Neto 7ml

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