3D POWER LASHES 26 Boomerang
3D POWER LASHES 26 Boomerang 3D POWER LASHES 26 Boomerang

3D POWER LASHES 26 Boomerang

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• Double 3D layer effect, enhancing lash volume
• Super soft and lightweight tapered fibers
• Extremly soft. Thin and comfortable band
• Mega volume criss-cross tips, charm but natural
• Popular styles

Environmental syntethics

black and clear Reusable

Instructions for use:
Applaying false eyelashes:
• If it is necessary adjust the length of falese eyelashes to the
length of your eyelid by trimming the outer part of false eyelashes.
• Apply glue to the entire length of false eyelashes
in a thin layer.
• Wait 10-20seconds for the glue to become dry. In that period of
time,by folding the outer ends of eyelashes create a shape similar
to the shape of your eyelid.
• Place false eyelashes as close as possible to the natural
eyelashes by putting them firstly at the inner end of the eyelid
and then at the outer end.Press gently.

Removing false eyelashes:
• Gently remove false eyelashes, starting from the outer end of
the eyelid. After that, carefully remove the excess of glue.
Characteristics Value
Category False eyelashes
Brand AURA
Purpose EYES

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