In accordance with Articles 13 and 27 of the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 62/2014), the company Aura LLCNiš hereby provides toits valued customers who conduct online purchase ofgoodsvia the website,the following


  • Online sale of goodsthrough the website is conducted as part of the registered business activity of the company Aura LLCNiš, with its registered office at Vazduhoplovaca bb, Niš; Company Registration No. 07930801; Tax Identification No. (PIB): 100619242; telephone: +381 18 4584917; fax +381 18 4580296;; complaints email address:;
  • Basic characteristics of the goods can be found at the website;
  • According to the Law on Customer Protection (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 62/2014), online purchasing via our website is considered distance selling;
  • Any product sold via the website possesses all the properties necessary for regular use of that type of product, in accordance with its purpose as defined on the product Label;
  • Product conformity is determined EXCLUSIVELY according to the properties and purpose of the product as specified on the accompanying Label;
  • Sales price is specified for each product; prices on the online portal are shown in dinars (RSD), inclusive of value added tax (VAT);
  • Delivery of goods is free of charge for orders exceeding RSD 1,000;
  • We deliver purchased goods within 5 days through the Daily Express courier service, in the manner defined here;
  • Discounts and promotional offers (deals) are governed by the terms published on the website;
  • The Consumercan pay the goods purchased through the website in cash on delivery, by a payment order given to a post office or bank, and online bypayment cardsas indicated on the website;
  • By clicking on the CONFIRM button when creating an order, the Consumer undertakes to pay for the ordered goods;
  • If, upon delivery of the ordered product, the Consumer determines that he/she wants to exchangeit for another item of a higher, equal or lower price, he/she may do so within 14 days in the manner specified here;
  • If, upon delivery of the ordered product, the Consumer does not want to keep it, he/she has the right to cancel the purchase contract and is entitled to a refund amounting to the price paid for the product, within 14 days and in the manner specified here;
  • The Consumer is entitled to file a complaint regarding the goods ordered through the ONLINE Shop, even if the Consumer has started using it. The manner and procedure of filing complaints concerning the goods purchased in the ONLINE Shop is described here.